fall sensors

You can have extra peace of mind with our range of add on items for your Selwood Lifeline. Our falls management solutions all link to your Selwood Lifeline and are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, in an emergency people can come to your aid without you having to call for help.

Fall detector
Did you know that each year in the UK falls account for 10% of acute hospital admissions, with the total cost to the NHS amounting to £1.7bn. This sensor will provide you with peace of mind knowing that if you fall help will arrive quickly.

iVi fall detector

Bed and chair occupancy sensor
Many falls happen at night when you are finding your way around in the dark or still feeling sleepy. These sensors are discreet mats which are placed under your bedding to help monitor your safety.

Bed occupancy sensor

Chair occupancy sensor
The chair occupancy sensor monitors how long you have left your chair, if it exceeds the preset time an alert will be sent to the call centre to arrange for assistance. The occupancy sensors can work together with the PIR sensors in order to detect if you are still active in areas of your home.

Chair occupancy sensor

Pressure mats
A pressure mat is able to detect inactivity in an area for a particular length of time. They are discreet and can be placed under rugs and carpets to monitor a high risk fall area in the home. The pressure mat will notify the call centre if the sensor if triggered and they will contact the appropriate responder for assistance.

Pressure mat