What is

Selwood Lifeline

What is Selwood Lifeline?
Selwood Lifeline provides simple, fast access to help. At the touch of a button there is an instant response ready for you.

How does Selwood Lifeline work?

Number one

When you need help, simply press the red button on your pendant or base unit, the pendant works all around your home and garden. You can wear your pendant around your neck, clipped to your clothing or on a wristband. The pendant is splash proof and can be used in the bathroom or shower, however, it is not recommended to immerse the pendant in water.

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Number two

When the red button is activated, a signal is sent to the base unit and connects you to a team member at the call centre who will ask how they can help you.

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Number three

The operator will know who you are as they will have all your details and medical history on their screen. They will then contact the most appropriate nominated responder; whether that is a relative, friend, neighbour, doctor or the emergency services. Don’t worry if you can’t get to your phone as the operator will still contact a responder for you.

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Number four

Help will arrive to give you the assistance that you need.

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