With Selwood Lifeline, you can find a package that works for you. Selwood Lifeline standard is our core package providing you with a base unit and pendant. If you want add on sensors we have three upgrades to offer you in addition to your Selwood Lifeline standard package. With any package, a member of our highly experienced team will come to your home and install your Selwood Lifeline system for you. They will then provide a full demonstration of how your new equipment works. If you have a disability or chronic illness you may be exempt from VAT.

Selwood Lifeline package

Lifeline standard
£3.52per week: no VAT
£4.23 per week: including VAT
This package provides you with the essentials to help you live independently. Feel secure in your own home with the reassurance that help is on hand as and when you need it.
Selwood Lifeline base unit – Lifeline pendant/ button.


Smoke detectorBogus caller button

Add on sensors

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